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Guess whopng 

Marchelle Marie Lamaster (Courtesy Google Photos) 

Latest News Regarding Marchelle Marie Lamaster :

St Petersburg Real Estate Broker Marchelle Marie Lamaster Continues To Be "Under Investigation" By The Department Of Business And Professional Regulation As Of 9/13/2017

Law Suits Filed AGAINST Marchelle Marie Lamaster

(1) Tort of Battery (of a sexual nature - see below) in the Physical Harming of Lawrence T Maxwell; 

(2) Non Payment of Debts To Lawrence T Maxwell & MX Properties, Inc. (Indebtedness - Marchelle Lamaster - Personally & Master Investments RE Group, LLC). 

(3) Other Serious Infractions Committed By Marchelle Marie Lamaster - CIVIL THEFT in the Harming of Lawrence T Maxwell (Credit Card Fraud -- See Below Admission by Marchelle Marie Lamaster Showing Her Own Notarized Confession Proving Her Complicity In Violation Of Florida Statute 772.11)

Marchelle Lamaster Clearly Believes That She Is Above The Law. All Information Regarding Lamaster Is True & Accurate By Her Own Statements & Admissions Via Email Or Text.

Many Thanks To Costly Dating Service - "It's Just Lunch" For Their Matching Service Company That Paired Lamaster With Mr Maxwell And False Representations Of Lamaster's Credentials. Further, "It's Just Lunch" Failed To Conduct Any Type Of Background Search On This Woman's Devious Past.

Latest News & Lawsuit Filings:

8/7/2017 News:
On her profile, Marchelle Lamaster Claims To Be The "Economic Development Chair For CONA". However, We've Just Received An Email From Ms Murray, President, That There Is No Economic Development Committee At CONA. It Appears That Ms Lamaster Is Claiming Again That She Is Part Of A Group That She Is Not. The Email Is Attached.


8/4/2017 News:
Marchelle Lamaster -- Suspended Member Of The Florida Gulf Coast Commercial Association Of Realtors ( Despite What Is Stated In Her Profile.


8/3/2017 News:
Marchelle Lamaster's  Suspension And Immediate Removal Sought By The Tampa Bay Real Estate Investors Association ( Ethics Committee Board.


Before Engaging Any Real Estate Broker Or Agent On Your Behalf, Conduct A Thorough Online Background Check Of Their Ethics & Tenure To Ensure That You Are Making The Best Possible Choice For Your Specific Needs.

It Should Be Pointed Out That Ethics Complaints Have Been Filed Against Ms Lamaster With DBPR In Orlando And The TBREIA (Tampa Bay Real Estate Investors Association) As Well As Other Regulatory Bodies And Industry Organizations

(1) Real Estate Broker Marchelle Lamaster Sued for Alleged Tort of Battery In The Harming Of Lawrence Todd Maxwell:

Tort Battery Case Filed in St Petersburg, Florida

St Petersburg, FL, July 26, 2017 --( As of Public Record Tort Battery case recently filed in Pinellas County - St Petersburg, Florida. Defendant - Marchelle Marie Lamaster. Plaintiff - Lawrence Todd Maxwell. 

Case Number 17-004514-CI - Pinellas County, Florida Clerk of Courts

It is important to note that the Plaintiff has written email and text confirmation from the Defendant confessing to the claims in the action and illegalities she committed in this action. This evidence will be presented at the time of trial.

(2) Real Estate Broker Marchelle Lamaster Sued By Lawrence Todd Maxwell For Indebtedness And Unjust Enrichment :

Civil Case Filed in St Petersburg (Pinellas County), Florida

St Petersburg, FL, July 31, 2017 --( As of the public record, this action was filed for indebtedness dating back several months. Plaintiff - Lawrence Todd Maxwell / MX Properties, Inc. Defendant - Marchelle Lamaster / Master Investments RE Group, LLC

Case Number 17-005772-CO - Pinellas County, Florida Clerk of Courts

It is important to note that the Defendant itself has attempted to reach a direct settlement (absent legal counsel on both sides) with the Plaintiff who considers the offer quite insulting given the extreme magnitude of its monetary  losses. The Plaintiff possesses substantial and empirical proof that this "offer" is nothing more than a sarcastic attempt by the Defendant to minimize the depth at which the Plaintiff has suffered at the hands of the Defendant - Marchelle Lamaster and Master Investments RE Group, LLC of St Petersburg, Florida. Evidence of the true nature of the actual losses of the Plaintiff will be clearly shown at trial.
(3) Marchelle Lamaster - Civil Theft Admission & Repayment: 

For The Record, There Is NOT A Non-Disclosure Agreement Between Real Estate Broker Marchelle Lamaster And Todd Maxwell In Her Admission For Violating Florida Statute 772.11 (Civil Theft) And The Credit Card Fraud That Marchelle Lamaster Perpetrated. Neither Marchelle Lamaster Nor Her Counsel Requested A "Non-Disclosure Agreement" Admitting Her Complicity Involving Credit Card Fraud.